Hi everyone

Let’s chat :)

Anyone want to help me get a job in California?

I’m really trying to move over there.

Anonymous asked:
I kissed you in my sleep. Tasting your lips, felt so real. I got addicted.~J.F”


londonsantiago asked:
Hey babe. Long time. How are you. Jay.

Wassup, every good on this side. What’s up with you.


Smiley faces and The Incredibles movie with my nephew this morning. #lemonpancakeswithscrambledeggs #movietime #nephewlove

Beachmondaze.  🌞🌞

Made sure to be bright so I didn’t get lost lmao #thegreatestdayever was cool and shit.  (at Williamsburg Waterfront Brooklyn NY)

#GDEBREAKFAST 😋 Thanks @nerisarias 😘😘

Blueberry lemon pancakes with coconut milk. Topped with caramel bananas and walnuts with some cool whip. Who wants breakfast ? 😏

Just because. Kbye.


Ground turkey mini farfalle with squash, mushrooms, onions, peppers, spinach, garlic, zucchini and tomatoes. 

- Garlic cheesy bread.

Bon appetite 😋