Waiting for le train selfie lol

Finally met this beautiful lady ✨💕

The tired face from yesterday’s festivities 😪

My boo @pusha_tiff 😘💕


Me always though lmao 😂 
I stay having to explain my face.

😳 but these are amazing tho

If anyone is interested or knows anyone who is. I have a medium sized make up train case. It’s in good condition. Used once and held my makeup for a month. I am selling it for $50 bucks original price was $110 plus shipping. Tag anyone who might be interested or spread the word thanks.

Tonight is the night. Free all night 👏👏👏👏 COME SHOW LOVE! Best friends mixtape release party and it’s going to be turnt the fuck up. Come vibe out, get drinks & party with the strippers. Don’t miss out 🙌

Was it absolutely necessary? Just couldn’t leave your house without it 😩😂😩

Circa 91’ ; now I’m never leaving my house. This brings back so many memories.  #supernintendo #supermario #donkeykong #memories #90baby #childhood

Show love to my best friend at PERFECTIONS TOMORROW! 

His mixtape release party will be a movie, don’t miss out. Come out, it’s free before 12:00 and pop a bottle, listen to his music and show love to them strippers 🙌😁 

#teampinto  - you won’t be disappointed ✨👏👏

Turkey, Swiss with scrambled eggs and spinach. Some avocado spread on whole wheat. 😋

Hi everyone