Happy happy birthday to one of the coolest dads I know. It has not been the smoothest ride between us but I am glad that we have put those differences aside and we have been able to repair our relationship. I could not be any happier. Thank you for loving for who I am and supporting me with my decisions. I appreciate you more than you know. Happy birthday to you and I hope to see you soon. I love you dad. #happybirthdaydad #hesaidheturnedthirty #hereallyturnedfourtyfour #lmao

Lmfaoooooo 😂😂


Bacon, blueberry, banana pancakes with walnuts and white chocolate. A side of turkey bacon and scrambled eggs with paprika and Parmesan 😋 #onmydaysoff #icancook #norecipestraightmental #fuckwithme #nofilterneeded

Banana bacon blueberry walnut white chocolate pancakes.

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gabriexd asked:
Dam I miss your Instagram homie!😔

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Anonymous asked:
Are you bisexual?

No I’m not


Tag anyone who is looking for an opportunity. The holidays are coming up there’s a lot of room to make money. Take advantage.

😂 good morning though.

2am train chronicles with the coworkers.


Basically 😂😭 #wheresbae #imwaitingforyou lmao

Love them. New work sneakers

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